Magnets And Electricity, Light And Sound

Magnets And Electricity, Light And Sound

Magnets And Electricity, Light And Sound : Today, we are going to add Magnets And Electricity, Light And Sound . This presents various topic on sound and light. It contains lot of important points and help our viewer to know the inner point of various topics. So here is the topic:

Magnets and Electricity, Light and Sound

  • Magnet attracts iron because iron atoms are aligned in a uniform way and a piece of iron near a magnet, the atom in it gets aligned. The piece of iron becomes magnetized for short time and is attracted to one of the poles of the magnet.
  • The magnetic field is made visible by laying a glass plate on a magnet and then scattering fine iron chips on it. The chips get aligned along the field lines, which run outside the magnet from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  • There are strong electromagnets in the track of the magnetic levitation train. When the current is switched on , the two magnets repel each other. The train is raised by 15mm and moved on the track without any friction.
  • By current we mean the flow of negative charge i.e., the flow of electrons. Metal have lots of electrons and glass and air is bad conductor of heat.
  • Voltages starting from 48 volts are considered fatal. Hence, electric toys have a maximum voltage of 24 volts.
  • Every second the sun radiates more energy than we have produced since our existence.
  • The speed of light is the highest speed that an object can ever achieve. This was said by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity.
  • Hard materials conduct sound better than soft materials. For this reason soft materials are good sound absorbers.
  • Soldiers sometimes die of bang after a grenade explodes near them. Their air sacs can burst by the propagation of explosive sound.

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