GK General Knowledge- Current Affairs quiz

GK General Knowledge- Current Affairs quiz

1. Kakdwip and Sagar Island, which were recently making news for a proposed underwater tunnel, are located in which state / UT? -(WEST BENGAL)
2. What is the current deadline to ratify the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s trade facilitation agreement (TFA)?
3. The government of India has signed a USD 300 million loan pact to support the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) with which of the following?(Asian Development Bank)
4. Which of the following ministries has recently launched “Project Insight”?(Ministry of Finance)
5. On which date, National Broadcasting day is observed?-(July 23)
6. What is the ratio of sour and sweet crudes in the Indian Crude Oil Basket-(72:28)
7. What is the approximate urban female work-force participation rate (WPR) in India?-(15%)
8. Which of the following countries is world’s biggest consumer of edible oils?-(INDIA)
9. Which among the following countries is not included in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations? -(UNITED STATES)
10. Which among the following is the nodal ministry for implementation of the Forest Rights Act in India? -(Ministry of tribal affairs)

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