General Knowledge – Oceans And Seas And Landscape

General Knowledge – Oceans And Seas And Landscape

General Knowledge – Oceans And Seas And Landscape: Are you eager to know about the diffference between the Oceans and Seas. Then read out this topic which clarify your doubt and give exact difference between both of them. GKgeneralknowledge present the topic General Knowledge – Oceans And Seas And Landscape. This contain lot of data and point that is easier to remember. So here is the details:

Oceans and Seas and Landscape

  • The word Oceans implies the large water bodies of the world, namely, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic, as well as the Antarctic oceans where we find iceberg.
  • Smaller seas are separated from the oceans by island chain or underwater ridges, which are called bordering seas. These include the North Sea, The Baltic Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, and the Caribbean Sea.
  • The deepest point in all the oceans, the Mariana Trench in the Pacific is just 11 km deep.
  • The Sargasso Sea to the east of Florida in USA is separated from the surrounding Atlantic Ocean by ocean currents.
  • The iceberg which is almost as large the city of Houston in Texas whose name is B15 Antarctic iceberg. It was the world largest recorded iceberg.
  • Researchers can dive up to a depth of 6 km. The black smokers were discovered in one of the dive of researcher.
  • The Halligen islands in Germany have emerged as a result of storm tide action.
  • Frozen water can float on the liquid water as the frozen water is lighter than the liquid.
  • Different types of landscapes such as plains, wide valleys, gorges, dunes, rounded hills, and rugged ridge are formed largely by the forces of water, wind, and moving ice.
  • The most famous gorge is the Grand Canyon in the USA, Arizona; it is almost 1800m deep in place.
  • Glaciers carry away whatever is added to it from any direction. As a result of this phenomenon, huge stretches of debris or wall of debris are formed.

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