Emperor Of China And The Great Wall Of China

Emperor Of China And The Great Wall Of China

Emperor Of China And The Great Wall Of China: GKgeneralknowledge, today focus on the history of china and the geat wall of china. This topic is all about who built the The Great Wall Of China and how long it is and many topic are covered under this topic and also contain about the first emperor of china and it help china to make a largest and the richest country in 18th century. So, here is the details:

History of China and the Great Wall

  • The first Emperor of china was Qin Shi Huangdi. He unified the seven quarrelling kingdoms to make one kingdom, China.
  • The first Emperor passed uniform laws and same weight and coins were valid in the kingdom.
  • A Dynasty is a kind of succession to the throne. A dynasty rules over a country for several generations. In China the Qin dynasty was followed by many others. Under the Qin dynasty, China became the largest and the richest country by the end of the 18th
  • The Great Wall of China was built over 2000 years ago by Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China during the Qin Dynasty.
  • The Great Wall of China is 6000 km long, 8 m high and 5-6 m wide built along the borders of the kingdom of Qin in just seven years.
  • The wall was made from sand, gravel, wood and stones brought from the mountains.
  • It is believed that probably more than a million workers died during its construction.
  • China kept the knowledge of breeding the silkworm and the manufacture of silk secret for many centuries.
  • The first silk came to Europe at the birth of Christ.
  • Jade, a greenish gemstone, was more valuable to the Chinese than gold.
  • The famous Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan overcame the Great Wall of China in 1210 with 100,000 soldiers and conquered Peking, The capital city of China.


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