Boeing 777A/B replacement engine test pilot in Australia – Aircrew Forum

Posted November 24, 2018 09:50:00 The Federal Government has appointed a Boeing 777B replacement to be flown on a commercial flight in Australia.

The Federal Government’s aircraft safety agency has selected Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to replace the 737MAX engine that powers the 777A and 777B, which have been grounded in recent months.

Aircraft maintenance is currently under way on the 777B aircraft in the Federal Aviation Department’s maintenance area in Perth.

It is understood the plane will fly from Perth to Adelaide and then back.

A pilot from the US will also fly on the plane.

The 777B was grounded in late November, after two pilots reported symptoms of hypoxia after flying for about 20 minutes.

The pilots were returning from a flight in the United States when they experienced symptoms similar to those experienced by the other two pilots, who were not taken to hospital.

The plane was then grounded and Boeing says it will continue to investigate the incident.

The FAA says it has no plans to replace all of the 777Bs engine.

It has also been reported that some 777Bs are being replaced by the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 777X aircraft.