‘Don’t worry, I’ll do it’: Woman in Texas pleads guilty to killing her own boyfriend

A Houston woman who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting death of her ex-boyfriend is to be sentenced Tuesday.

In court Tuesday, Amy L. Riggs, 41, agreed to be held without bond for the next nine months, according to the Houston Chronicle.

She’ll be sentenced Dec. 31.

The judge will have discretion to set bond, but Riggs will not be allowed to have contact with her ex, who had a restraining order against her.

The case came to light when police in Houston were called to the couple’s apartment on Aug. 16 after Riggs found a handgun and told them that she had fired the shot that killed her ex.

Riggs was arrested in Houston on Sept. 1, and prosecutors say she told them she fired the fatal shot after finding a gun in the apartment and thinking that her ex was armed.

The gun was later found to be empty, and Riggs admitted to the police that she shot her ex in self-defense.

She was charged with murder, attempted murder, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Rigg pleaded guilty on Aug., 27 to one count of capital murder, one count each of aggravated assault and endanger the welfare.

She was sentenced on Aug, 31.