How to use the ARRL’s course forums to learn about the sport of archery

The following tutorial is designed to give beginners and intermediate archers the ability to browse the forums of the American National archery association and post links to archery related content.

Please do not copy or modify this information without permission.


Sign up for a forum account (or register for an existing account) on the ARIAS website and sign up for your preferred forum.

The ARIAD website will send you a confirmation email with your new username and password.


Once you have registered on the website, select the forum you want to start a thread in.

Select the topic of interest and then click the “post” button.


After a few minutes you will receive an email with a link to a registration form.


You will be asked to log in with your username and email address.

You may choose to use your existing archery account or choose to create a new account.

You must use your new archery username and account email to post on the forum.


If you have an existing archer profile, you may choose your preferred username and/or email address for your new forum.


When you are done signing up for the forum, click “post”.


On the “Add Post” page, you will be presented with a list of topics.

You can select a topic from the list or click on a topic to jump directly to that topic.

If the topic is too large to display on the screen, the page will scroll to the top of the screen and you can click on it to move to the next page.

The “Post Topic” tab allows you to post links or attachments to other forum members.

You need to provide at least the following information in order to post a link: Your username and archery email address (if you have one) Your name Your username in the forum name, such as “Archery Forum” (if this is not already present) Your mailing address (your current mailing address if you changed it after registering) Your forum name and topic You will not be able to post to this forum if you are not logged in. 8.

If there is no topic to post in the “Post Topics” tab, the site will not load.

You have 10 minutes to sign in to the forum and then post a new topic.

You should select the topic you want on the “Sign Up” page.


You are now on the registration form for the new topic you created.


When the forum is ready to receive your post, click the submit button.


The forum will respond to your registration form and then you will see your post in your topic list.


Once your post has been posted, the link to the post will appear on the topic list in the right side of the forum screen.

Please remember that all posts on the archery forums must be tagged with the “Archer Topics” tag.


You now have the ability not only to post, but to link to your post.

This is an excellent opportunity to help other archers and to gain some of the links that will help them make the most of the sport.


The forums of both the American archery and National archers are open to the public, so you can post your comments, share links, and even participate in discussions.


If a link you have posted to another forum fails to open, you can always contact the ARA and request a reply from the forum admins.

If an admin is not available to respond within 30 minutes, you should submit a new request for help.

The archery discussion forums at the ARIA can be accessed by clicking on the link located at the top right corner of the ARIAS website, then clicking on “ARIAS Forums” and selecting “Help”.