Bill O’Reilly: “I’m a hypocrite” as a Trump critic

Bill O ‘Reilly’ is a former Trump critic who has been a major booster for the president.

O’Reillys latest interview with Bill O was aired Wednesday.

In the segment, O’ Reilly said he’s not afraid to say anything that he believes is politically incorrect.

OReilly, who recently said he doesn’t support the GOP presidential nominee, said he believes the Republican Party is on the wrong track and said he thinks Trump is a hypocrase.

“I’ve never had to answer for what I think,” O’Leary said.

“And that’s OK.

I can say it and I don’t have to apologize for it.”

O’Donnell said O’Keefe, who also has ties to the Koch brothers, is the most dangerous man on the planet.

He called O’Connor a “dope” and a “criminal.”

OReilly also defended himself against charges of misogyny.

“It’s pretty clear that it’s pretty obvious,” he said.