Covers for Gamers and Fans, Part Two: Buyers Guide

Now that the official cover for Gamemaster has been released, I’m going to take a look at the other covers available.

For my second article, I’ve put together a list of covers from the previous two covers, which you can see here.

Here’s the first cover:The first two covers are actually the same covers, but one has been moved over, and the other has been slightly rearranged. 

The cover for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The Witcher 3 has had its cover redesigned in this article:The second cover is for the upcoming Tomb Raider: This cover is a bit more generic than the previous cover, but it does feature Lara Croft, and she is wearing her usual armor. 

And this cover is also for Tomb Raider, but this one is a little more generic:It’s worth noting that the cover for Tomb Raiders is from the first game, so it will be more similar to the covers from those games. 

In the second game, the Tomb Raider cover looks a little different: In this image, the cover is actually a new one for Tomb Blades: It looks like Lara has a gun and a gun shield, but that shield is different in that it looks like the gun is actually attached to the shield instead of the gun. 

Also note that this image has the same background as the first Tomb Raider. 

This was the first image I noticed that had Lara’s weapon. 

Now, here’s the cover of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Finally, here is the cover from Final Fantasy XV, which was released last month. 

I can’t say much about the game, because it’s still in development, but I can say that this cover features a little bit of the battle system from the game. 

Here’s the original cover:As you can tell, it’s a little less generic than this one. 

What are your favorite covers? 

What do you think of this particular cover? 

Let us know in the comments! 

Image credits: Warner Bros. Games (all images via Warner Bros.)