A post on Facebook that says “something awful” forums

On Tuesday evening, an Israeli woman posted on Facebook an article from a French newspaper entitled “Something awful”.

The article, which was shared more than 30,000 times in less than 24 hours, was posted in the front page of the Hebrew language newspaper La Journée and included the hashtag #somethingawful.

The article was entitled “A post on the Facebook of a person who lives in the [French] capital” and described how her husband, who was working in the European capital, was sick and unable to return to work.

The woman claimed she was not aware of the posts and asked people to send her their own personal testimonies to show her that they were also sick and incapable of returning to work in Paris.

The article then went on to describe a conversation with a person named “Piotr”, who she described as “the sickest person in the world”, adding that she did not know him and did not want to know him.

Piotrs wife also shared the same experience, with the wife telling the woman she did know him, but that he was not sick and did have a job.

Pietr, who works in a bar, told The Jerusalem Times that the article was “a lie”.

“This is not my husband, and I did not share it with anyone,” he said.

“My wife was a bit shocked.

She said, ‘This is your husband?

How could you say something like that?'”

He said, I don’t know why, and it was true, but it was a lie.

“Piotras wife said that the family did not send him any pictures of themselves, adding that he had not even seen her face.

She added that she had not been able to see her husband for weeks and that she has a feeling he is still suffering.”

He has to live with this pain, I feel that way,” she said.

The French news agency AFP quoted Piotras family as saying that the man had not received any treatment from his employer and that he is “still in shock”.

The family also said that they had no knowledge of the articles posts.

In the wake of the Facebook posts, a number of French websites have published articles on Facebook about a similar topic, which has since been removed.

A number of Facebook users have written about their experiences with the issue.

The #somethingawshit hashtag has been used by people who have experienced similar situations, including in France, where Facebook has banned the hashtag from using its platform, according to the BBC.