‘It’s the internet, and it’s the media’ for women who want to share sex stories online

Posted by The Independent on Monday, June 24, 2018 07:06:46A lot of women are finding their way online after being harassed online or have had an unwanted sexual experience.

Now, it seems women are starting to share their own stories with the world.

And many of them have the internet to thank for it.

A number of women on the ‘Free Republic Forum’ have posted their own intimate encounters on the forum.

Some are sharing stories of sexual assault, and others of being raped by men.

One woman posted on the forums that she had been groped by a man after getting into a cab on the way to a night out.

She said she was too intoxicated to say anything, but the driver tried to rape her and when she tried to get away he chased her and then pushed her against a wall and pulled her panties off, she said.

She then told him to leave, but he grabbed her by the hair and pulled off her clothes.

She wrote that she felt sick and felt like she could not fight back.

She decided to share her story on the Free Republic forum, where women are sharing their own personal experiences of being harassed, and of being forced to sleep with men.

The forum is a hub for discussions about sexual harassment and abuse, and is home to women who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault.

Its not just the forum, its also the men who have been harassed, some of them are openly talking about their experiences.

Some women, like the one who shared her experience, have been threatened with legal action.

Others have shared their stories anonymously.

And now, some are sharing the stories on Facebook, with some women posting photos of their assault on Facebook as well as their stories of harassment online.

Many women have been sharing their stories on the internet.

And now, many are sharing it online, too.

This story first appeared in the Free Thought Project blog.