How to Use the “No More Comments” Button on the Forums

The No More Comments feature in WoW Classic is a neat little feature that lets you tell people you don’t want to comment on a forum.

It works like this:1.

Go to the forums2.

Click on the “Show All” button3.

Select the forum you want to see comments on4.

Click the “Edit Comments” button5.

Enter a comment, and hit enter6.

Hit the “Submit” button7.

Click “OK” to save your comment, then hit enter to exit the forum.

The new features that have been added to WoWClassic over the past few months have included:1) a way to disable comments, in case you feel the need to leave a comment without being seen.2) a new “no comments” button that pops up after you’ve clicked on a comment.3) an option to mute all comments and mute the “no comment” button.4) a more robust “no spam” filter.5) an updated and more robust forum profile feature.6) a system for reporting abuse.7) a feature to limit the amount of time people are allowed to comment in forums.

All of these new features and more are available in WoLClassic, and WoW players are getting a better handle on what’s really going on.

The changes were announced at BlizzCon 2015.

You can read the full announcement here, and you can see the new features in action in this video.

We asked WoW developers to share their thoughts on the changes in WoD, and here are some of their answers:1.)

The forums are not dead.

While there’s a lot of new stuff in WoWoClassic, the forums are still not dead, and they will continue to be useful to WoL Classic users.

That said, you won’t be able to leave comments in WoLL Classic forums.2.)

The “no more comments” feature is a great way to give WoLL users a voice.

I wish the feature was a little more robust.

I’m also not sure how useful it is for people who are really not used to commenting on forums, as they may think that they’re doing it wrong.3.)

It’s good to have a way for people to report abuse.

If people are really upset with the forum, it’s nice to have some form of option to report it.

This is especially true for people with a lot more than one forum account, as a forum ban can be very damaging.4.)

The new “No comments” filter is great, but there’s still a bit more to be done.

While I appreciate the fact that WoLL has a “no” filter, I think it’s important to have more robust filtering options.

I think a “yes” filter would be nice too.