LeBron James’ mom calls for ‘an immediate and comprehensive investigation’ after his daughter’s death

LeBron James and his family have been fighting a legal battle with a Florida woman who says she is accusing the superstar of killing her when he was a toddler.

In a statement on Friday, Mary Anne Robinson told The Associated Press that she is suing James, his wife, the rapper Tyga and other members of the hip-hop group The Roots for negligence in the toddler’s death.

The lawsuit accuses the three of knowingly allowing James to continue to abuse the child for years after she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The suit was filed in federal court in Miami.

James has denied the allegations.

In her statement, Robinson said she has filed multiple civil lawsuits against the three artists over the past year.

She has asked a judge to order them to hand over the child and to pay a $500,000 judgment to the estate of the girl, who died at the age of 6 in 2010.

She is seeking unspecified monetary damages.

James and Tyga have said they were unaware of the abuse until they learned about it last month.

In May, a judge in Florida ordered them to pay more than $3 million to the family of the baby, according to the Miami Herald.

The rapper’s representatives have said the rapper and his wife would appeal the ruling.

The child, who had schizophrenia, was adopted by the family after the singer’s marriage broke down, according a statement from the attorney who represents the family.

A federal judge in Miami, however, in September ordered James to pay nearly $3.7 million to a child welfare agency that was responsible for raising the girl and for providing counseling services for her, according the Herald.

It is unclear whether any of the funds were returned to the agency.

The woman was also sued by her stepfather, James’ former girlfriend, who said in the statement that she has not received any compensation from the estate or James’ label.

James’ attorneys have denied the claims and have said that they have the right to sue for damages.

Robinson has not filed a formal complaint against James.

She also has not publicly spoken out about the case since her statement.

James was initially charged with murder, but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a life sentence.

He was released from prison in May after serving just 14 months.