A Catholic church in Britain has been criticised after a poster asking ‘Is it time for a church to change’ read ‘God hates Catholics’

A poster in a local church in Berkshire has sparked an outcry after it said Catholics are “stupid” for not having a “better faith” and called them “morally wrong”.

The poster, which has since been removed, said that Catholics are not “willing to change” their beliefs and that they are “moraly wrong”.

In the message, a man is heard saying: “There is a big difference between a believer and a skeptic.

When a skepticist says there is no evidence that the Bible is true, a believer will believe them and if a believer doesn’t, they are a moron.”

In the post, the man who wrote the message says that the reason people don’t believe in the Bible “is because it is the Word of God”.

He says: “God hates Christians.”

The poster also says that there is a difference between “Christians who believe in God and atheists who do not” and that “Christies and atheists can be together in love”.

The message has sparked a backlash on Twitter, with some calling it “offensive and offensive” and others saying that the poster should be removed from the church.

Many on Twitter also questioned whether the poster was actually a member of the church and if it was an “inappropriate use of the word ‘skeptic’.” The poster said in a follow-up message that the post was a “response to the Christian church, which is a group that does not practice faith healing”.

A spokesperson for the Bristol Catholic Church said: “We are appalled that this poster has come to light, and we have removed the post from our Facebook page.”