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A new online forum dedicated to covering the Tekken 7 Tekken Tag Tournament series, Tekken 6 Tekken Ultimate and Tekken Tournament DX is launching today, with several titles from the Tekki franchise confirmed to be coming to the platform.

The Tekken Wiki has posted the first of its Tekken 5 Tekken Encyclopedia articles, detailing some of the major Tekken games and their respective Tekken franchises, and also revealing the first three characters to be added to the TekkoTekki universe.

Tekken 7, which will launch in Europe on December 4, will be followed by Tekken 8, which is slated for a January 22 release.

Both titles are due to launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The latter game will also include a new fighting system called Tekken Master, which was teased at E3 2016.

The following characters will also be included in Tekken 10:Shirai, the Tekka’s father, who will be playable in Tekko Tetsumi’s Tekken series.

A new character, Tekko Tokido, will also make his Tekken debut, making her one of the first playable characters from the new Tekken franchise.

The series is also known as Tekken: Tenchi Muyo in Japan.

Other notable characters are also expected to be included:Dabura, a playable character from the upcoming Tekken for Wii U and Xbox 360 series.

He was confirmed to have appeared in Tekki 2: Tekken Masters, and he is also the protagonist of Tekken 4: Tekketsu no Kata (The Return of Dabura).

Also confirmed is Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekki games, as well as Kenichi Okamoto, a writer and character designer for the series, and Kazuhiro Takano, a character designer who has worked on the Tekkest series.