Watch this: The first step to finding your longrifles

The US military is currently working on a new rifle that will have an energy source.

It will use a hybrid of high-voltage batteries and the kinetic energy of high speed projectiles.

The technology is a key part of a long range weapon, the AN/APG-65, which was originally developed by the US military to shoot down Soviet bombers.

The weapon, which is designed to be fired from a range of 100km, will be able to fire three-kilogram projectiles and the energy released from each will then be used to drive the weapon’s electronics, like a laser rangefinder, or beam weapon, or heat-seeking laser.

The AN/APS-65 was developed to shoot Downers Grove, Illinois, police department and was eventually retired by the military in 2000.

It has been developed by a company called Energetics, which developed a technology called Kinetic Energy Management, which uses high-speed projectiles and kinetic energy to create energy, which can then be converted into a high-powered laser beam.

Energetical’s technology, developed in collaboration with the US Army, was recently approved by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The AN/ASP-65 will be manufactured by a joint venture of Energetic Industries, Inc and Raytheon, Inc.

It’s a technology that could be very important in the future of the US defense industry, as it could make long range weapons cheaper and easier to manufacture, according to Energy.

The US government has spent $5.5 billion on research and development for the AN-ASP system.

The weapon will be deployed on aircraft and helicopters.

Energies is the first company to produce the ANASP technology.

E-Power, which will manufacture the ANAsP, has been awarded a $2.5 million contract from DARPA.

The company will be responsible for building a prototype of the ANSAP rifle.

The new weapon will come in at around the same price as an ASI-1 rifle, which cost the US government $5,000 per rifle.

The ANASPs costs are currently $1,100.