Lexus’ new driverless car, which will make it cheaper to buy, is finally here

Lexus is bringing its driverless vehicle to the masses, and it’s about to cost less.

Starting in 2018, the company will start selling the Lexus RX500, which is the first driverless model to go on sale in the US.

And while it’s a bit pricier than its predecessor, it’s still cheaper than the price of the current Model S, which starts at $85,000.

The price drop is a good thing for consumers who are struggling to afford a car they can’t afford, since the RX500 will likely become a great deal for the majority of Americans.

“The RX500 is a tremendous value and the company has done a tremendous job with its marketing and marketing materials,” Lexus CEO Dieter Zetsche told reporters at the company’s North American headquarters in Michigan.

“It’s going to be a very compelling option for many consumers, especially those that have been in the market for a while.”

This car is priced right.

Lexus says it has been able to cut its costs to a staggering degree with its driver-assist system, which allows drivers to perform a wide range of tasks, from driving on a highway to navigating a city.

Drivers are able to choose between the standard driver- and pedestrian-assistance systems, and they can even get their own autonomous system, if they want to.

This car, while smaller than its competitors, is much more fun to drive and fun to ride in.

The RX500 has some pretty good driving dynamics.

It feels like a sports car, with a lot of fun-to-drive power and control.

It’s also very quiet.

It also has a lot more interior space, thanks to its two front seats and a smaller rear one.

Lexis’ new Lexus RC500 will have some very nice features, too.

The company says it is building the RC500 to be “world class,” but it’s not just a luxury sports car.

It will be a “world-class car” that can also be used for daily driving and commuting.

The RC500 is the second autonomous car to enter the market, following in the footsteps of the Lexis RX500.

The previous model, the Lexas RX450, was also a driverless, driverless sports car that cost $80,000 to buy.

But the RX450’s driverless capabilities were limited to a narrow set of tasks.

With the RX400, the autonomous car could be driving itself on the highway, but it would still need to be able to communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians, which the Lexuses RX500 can do in real time.

This is a significant change for Lexus, which has traditionally focused on the car segment that has traditionally dominated the consumer market.

The introduction of autonomous driving is another major step for Lexis.

And it may help the company expand its range of vehicles.

For the RX600, the first autonomous vehicle to enter production, Lexus said it will focus on luxury sedans, luxury vehicles, and premium sport-utility vehicles.

The upcoming RX600 will be the first fully autonomous car, but Lexus hasn’t announced when the first cars will arrive.

That could be before the year is out.