What do you need to know about yellow bullet forum in India?

An online forum in the Indian state of Bihar is hosting a discussion about sex in which posters have to abstain from sex, as well as discussion of masturbation and other topics.

The Yellow Bullet Forum (YBFL) has been created by women and men to discuss issues related to sexual health and safety in India.

The discussion on the YBFL is run by a women and a man called “Jana”, who has written more than 30 posts.

The forum is known for its discussions about female health, sexual health, pregnancy, childbirth, and sexual pleasure.

The topic of masturbation is also discussed on the forum, with some posters even going so far as to call masturbation “the best form of birth control”.

One post reads: “Masturbation is one of the best birth control methods available in the world.

No need to think about condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, or any other form of hormonal birth control.

Masturbation makes birth control so easy to use and makes the birth control pill the most effective birth control method available.”

The post also says that “masturbation can be used to prevent the birth of unwanted babies.”

The site also offers links to sexual aids and other “sex” advice.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Yellow Bullet website said: “We are here to share the knowledge of our community and provide a safe place for women and couples to share their sexual experiences.

We want to create an environment where all people feel safe to share and make friends.

The spokesperson also said that the forum is run entirely by volunteers and that members are not paid to participate.

However, a search of YBFl.com for the “Yellow Bullet” term turns up numerous posts from men who are not members.

One post says: “I don’t have a problem with sex or masturbation.

I do think sex is important, but I’m not interested in it.

It is important to talk about the real issues, not the myths.

This is where we can find a lot of good and helpful information.

If you are interested in learning more, we have a number of forums for men.

“The website also says: