CricInfo – RBS Six Nations 2018: Who are the new teams in the top eight?

Who’s in the Top Eight?

In the first round of the RBS six-nation tournament, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland are in the lead of the eight-team tournament.

Scotland is still the highest ranked team in the tournament with a 9-1-1 record, but the number one ranking of the tournament has been usurped by France.

England are second with a 4-1 win-loss record, followed by Ireland (2-1), France (2) and Scotland (2).

The top two teams from each country will play for the Grand Slam title, while the four best teams from the four other nations will each compete for the World Cup trophy.

England, Wales, Scotland and France all play their first match on July 18, while Wales and France will play their second matches on July 24 and 26 respectively.

Wales and Ireland will be playing their second Six Nations World Cup in three years on July 29, 2020.

England have been the dominant force in the Six Nations this season, having taken two titles and two top-eight finishes, while Scotland have enjoyed a disappointing campaign.

They have finished in the bottom four of the six-country tournament three times (19, 20, 23, 24), and in the last six seasons they have failed to make the top 16.

Ireland have only been in the finals once in their history, losing to England in the 2007 Six Nations final in Cardiff.

Scotland and Wales have won their two tournaments so far this season.

Scotland are still the most successful side in the six nations with a 10-4-1 total of 23 wins, nine draws and six losses, while England have won two of their last three.

Wales have only won one of their three Six Nations titles and have failed once in four attempts, while Ireland have won three of their five World Cups and one of its last four.

England and Wales are still looking for their second World Cup title in the past four years, having lost to the hosts in Cardiff in 2016.

They finished in 11th place in the 2019 Six Nations and lost to Wales in Cardiff the following year.

England finished fifth in the 2018 Six Nations, winning the Grand Final, but lost to Italy in Cardiff for the second successive year.

The Welsh have been a powerhouse in Six Nations since the 2014 Six Nations.

Wales won the 2015 Six Nations title, but finished in 10th place the following season.

They are the second-highest-ranked team in this tournament behind Ireland, who are in 11-3-1 overall and 12-3 at the top of the table.

Ireland are currently in second place, but have lost to England five times this season and have not been able to make it past the second round of this tournament.

Wales will be looking to extend their record in the competition when they face England on July 9 in Cardiff, while France will look to improve on their record of just two wins from three games this season to secure a spot in the next World Cup.

Wales are currently tied for the third place in Group D, behind Italy and England.

The tournament will be played at Cardiff Stadium in Cardiff on July 12.