Serebii: Drug users and dealers face a dangerous future as Australia and Seabrook close forums

The Seabrovian government is closing its forums on drug use and abuse and is imposing strict restrictions on drug users and users of the drug known as Seabri, the ABC understands.

Drug use in Seabra is growing rapidly in the country.

Seabri is a highly addictive substance, often used to treat opioid addiction, and is often sold in clandestine and criminal markets.

More than 60 people have died of drug overdoses in the Seabrili, the only country in the world where it is legal to buy and sell drugs.

In a joint statement with the Australian Medical Association, Seabrivian Prime Minister Todos Santos said the ban on the forums would take place at the end of the month.

“This will not affect the existing forums,” he said.

He said he would not be using the forums again to promote Seabribus activities, including promoting drug use.

It is unclear how much the forum closures will cost the government.

Drugs and alcohol users who have used Seabromis before could still use the forum, but would be prohibited from buying or selling it, and banned from speaking to users.

Santos said the government was looking at ways to keep the forum active.

“If we want to be the centre of the cannabis market, it will have to be managed differently.

It will be more regulated and more efficient,” he told reporters.

But a drug user who had used the forums before would not see the new restrictions, as they would be limited to buying or using Seabrobis products.

Some drug users who were previously drug users could also still use drugs, but they would not have the same access as the existing drug users.

Mr Santos said he wanted to encourage more users to use Seabrogis.

The Seabrui government said it wanted to keep drug users safe.

Prime Minister Todor Santos speaks during a press conference in Sebbri on April 5, 2019.

‘This is a huge step’A spokesman for the government said the forum closure was part of a government initiative to control drug use, including by discouraging drug users from using the forum.

“The government is determined to maintain the drug-free environment in Seebroik,” the spokesman said.

“This is an enormous step in this direction.”