Milan to make ‘doll’ for the FA Cup final

An Italian doll designed for the 2018 FA Cup Final has been unveiled by Milan after a fan asked for one. 

The replica of the iconic FA Cup trophy will be unveiled in front of the trophy at a ceremony at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Thursday, and is expected to sell for around 30,000 euros ($36,500).

The statue, which has a replica of Milan’s iconic ‘blessing’ crest on its chest, has already been unveiled in Milan and is expected at the match.

It is expected that Milan fans will be able to buy it as a souvenir for their own collection.

The doll was created by Italian artist Francesco Baccarelli, who has also created a series of replica dolls in the past.

The FA Cup is currently held in the Champions League.

The winner of the tie will play the second leg in Rome.

The FA has previously been criticised for not keeping the trophy. 

“I’ve seen it once, and I never wanted it,” said Gianluca Di Marzio, the president of the Italian Football Federation.

“It was like buying a toy.”