How to Save the Broncos from the Curse of Peyton Manning

The Broncos were a good team for a few years before the Manning era.

And it took a few more years to get to the point where they were.

Now, with the exception of one or two years, the Broncos have never been good.

They are the worst team in the NFL, and they’re a laughing stock, not because they have the best players but because they are one of the worst teams in football.

The Broncos have a history of poor play.

They have the most missed drives of any team, and that’s not even counting the time the defense has let the opposing team score in their own end zone, or the time they allowed the opposing offense to score in the end zone.

It’s not like they have a good defense.

They don’t, because they can’t.

They had two bad quarterbacks and a mediocre running game, but they had a top-10 offense and a top five defense.

And when you don’t have great players, you can’t have good offense or good defense, right?

Well, yeah, but that’s the problem with the Broncos.

They were terrible for so long because of a lack of great players.

It wasn’t until Manning returned that things got better.

And they weren’t great because of the quarterbacks.

They weren’t, but because Manning was in the offense.

The offensive line was always an issue.

It was a mess.

The defense was always a mess, too.

There are so many things to like about the Broncos, but if you look at the history of the team, it’s not a great record.

The team was supposed to be great.

It had a great offense, but Manning was the best quarterback in football when it came to the running game.

The offense was great, and Peyton Manning was on top of the football, but the defense was not.

And the offense didn’t get better as Manning got older, because there were still terrible defenses and the offensive line couldn’t be trusted.

This is the most frustrating thing to me about the team’s history.

The way the Broncos were built was so bad.

The quarterback was always on top.

The front seven was always terrible.

The secondary was bad.

And there were no good wide receivers.

I can’t help but wonder why the Broncos didn’t just have one or the other of those players, because it would have been a great team.

It would have brought out the best in the players.

And that’s why the team has gone through so much of its history without any kind of player of any kind, and with the one exception of Manning.

That’s why I am not rooting for the Broncos to win the Super Bowl this year.

It doesn’t matter who’s playing quarterback.

Peyton Manning is the quarterback of the Broncos right now.

Peyton is the reason the team was bad for so many years.

And so, when Manning gets hurt, or when the team doesn’t have the talent to win with him, it is going to be like losing your father.

That would be so heartbreaking.

You want to see a team that can win, and you want to watch them play at home.

You can’t, and I’m not going to watch it.