Trump: ‘It’s a real problem’ for U.S. when Iran is threatening to destroy the U.N.

The President of the United States said Wednesday that Iran could be destabilizing the U.

“We have a real threat to the world.

I mean, if you look at North Korea, they have nuclear weapons.

They’re not talking to anybody.

They don’t care about the U.-N.

treaty,” Mr. Trump said.

“If they were to do it, they could destroy the United Nations.

They could destroy it with their nuclear weapons.””

If they’re going to do this, it’s going to be in the hands of the U-N,” he added.”

I mean, we’re going in a different direction.

It’s a very, very different direction.”

He was responding to a question on the possibility of the world nuclear powers agreeing to a new nuclear accord, and Mr. Obama said Iran is on track to make a nuclear weapon.

“The Iranians have shown that they’re willing to go in and do what they need to do to make it happen,” Mr Obama said.

“And so, there’s a lot of uncertainty there.

And I think it’s important for us to be careful.

Because what happens when it doesn’t happen is we’re all going to have a different kind of world.”

Mr. Trump also said Iran should not have a seat on the U