What you need to know about Hearthstone’s free trial

Hearthstone is a game in which players are given the chance to take part in one of three classes.

You can be a tank, a warrior, or a mage, each of which offers its own unique gameplay, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 

The class of the first class in the game is the tank, which is a warrior who can take the brunt of most of the damage from enemies and their spells.

It’s the kind of tank that can soak up damage from ranged attacks, and can easily take down an opponent in one hit.

The class of second class in Hearthstone is the mage, which has its own strengths as well.

It can use spells to damage the enemy, but can also cast spells to heal allies or damage enemies.

The third class in Hearthstone is the warrior, which can take out enemies with a wide variety of weapons, including bows, swords, and other ranged weaponry.

“The class you choose will determine the type of hero you play,” says Blizzard, which also announced the release of a free trial for the game.

“It can be either a warrior or a tank.

You may choose to play a mage or a warrior.

And if you’re a warrior and you want to try out a class, you can do that, too.”

The first few days of the trial will let you pick the class of your choice, then the class will be unlocked to your account.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages, and each class has a set amount of gold needed to purchase new cards.

If you want more cards to get you into the class you want, you’ll need to pay for more gold to buy the cards you want.

Blizzard will also be sending you cards and currency, which you can use to buy more cards, so you can pick a class that suits you better than the class in which you were born.

The Hearthstone free trial is a good deal for a game that was originally free.

Blizzard hopes that with the trial, the game will attract new players, and that the money that you pay will eventually be invested back into the game and into the classes that are playable.