How to avoid being banned from BDO Forum

When it comes to forums, a lot of people assume the rules are the same as when they are used in real life.

But they are not.

And you don’t want to be one of them.

Here are 10 common mistakes people make when posting in forums.


Not reading the rules You should read the rules before posting in a forum.

There is nothing wrong with just saying something and hoping it will get approved, but there are some things to consider.

There are a lot more rules in the BDO forum, but if you are still unsure about what is acceptable or not, read them.

If you are unsure what you should post, don’t post anything.


Using the same username and password for multiple accounts There are some common mistakes in posting that will be banned, but it’s not necessarily your fault.

Here’s how it works.

The first time you use your same username on two or more BDO forums, the system will automatically send you a warning.

This means that you are violating some rules and you may be banned.

You can see if you’ve violated these rules by clicking on the “Report a Problem” button.

The other people on your list will see this message and then they will be able to decide whether or not you should be banned from the forum.


Using a different forum Username and password are a great way to get banned.

However, if you want to avoid getting banned, it’s best to avoid using the same account on both forums.

The easiest way to do this is to create a new account for each forum and change your username and/or password every time you want.

Don’t forget to log in to your new account each time you visit the forums.

If someone else has a similar username and you have changed it, they will not be able see it.

So be sure to use your new username and make sure to change your password as well.


Having a different group of friends There are also certain rules for groups of friends, like “only members of the same Facebook group can join” or “no group members can join more than one BDO group.”

But even if you follow these rules, some members may still get banned or banned more than once for breaking the rules.

The best way to avoid this is not to have a group of people that you know, but to find a group that you don.

Find a group with similar interests to you and you can probably find a safe place to discuss the forum rules and avoid being a part of a group.


Making an “official” post on the forum The BDO Forums have their own rules for posting, but they are pretty clear about what posts are official.

For example, if someone has posted a message that is not official and the person’s post is removed, that message is considered an official post.

The same goes for other posts that are not official.

If the post is not posted with a moderator’s permission, it will not get approved.

You need to ask a moderator to approve your post.

It’s also good to be clear on what is an official posting.

For instance, if a post is posted to a public Facebook page and is then taken down, the post was not official but the post has been removed.


Saying the same thing in different forum threads There are several threads on the BDo forums where people talk about the same topic.

In some cases, they can even share the same photo.

For these posts, you should also be clear that they are official posts.

For more information on what you can and cannot post in a public forum, read the official rules for your community.


Spamming and trolling In forums, users often post content that people don’t think is official.

Sometimes this content is posted in the forums for no reason, and sometimes people just think it’s funny.

There’s no need to post such content, and if you think it is posted on the forums, it is likely to be removed.


Using bots on the Forum If you’re on the Forums and you see a comment that someone else posted, you can use that comment to claim a post that has not been approved.

It is very difficult to get a moderator who is not on the Boards to approve a post, so be careful not to spam or troll the community.


Using Facebook to post on BDO As mentioned before, you cannot use Facebook to comment on a BDO topic.

However you can post on their Facebook page.

For most posts, it looks like this: “The BDO Community, The Forums.”

If you want the forum to automatically send an official message to your post, you must reply to the message.

You must also be on the boards.


Commenting on a Forum without using the “Join in” button There are many forums where users comment on posts without joining in on the conversation.

If a user does not want to comment, it should be clear what the